Q: What type of roofing materials do you use?
We use GAF Materials. They are the largest shingle manufacturer in the world and have been making roofing materials since the 1800s.

Q: How long does replacing a roof typically take?
Generally we can have the roof installed in one day. We drop materials and a dumpster the day before, install the roof, and have everything picked up the following day. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time someones home is exposed to the elements.

Q: How can we get an estimate?
The best way is to call and schedule an appointment! We will have someone come out access the problems, then, write a detailed estimate. It usually takes a day or two to write an estimate for a project.

Q: Do we have to be out of the house when you are replacing the roof?
Our roofing crews do not come inside and there is no reason you can't be home. Sometimes, pets can be very confused and scared while our guys work on the roof.

Q: How do you calculate the amount of shingles I will need for my roof?
We use a CAD program that calculates the size of the roof. The program uses 8 pictures from around your home to build a 3D model with measurements accurate to within a few inches. If we cannot get around the home then we will have some one climb the roof and measure it by hand.

Q: Why is there discoloring in my roof?
The discoloration is from Algae growth, more specifically Liken. Generally, with standard grade shingles algae will start to appear after 10 years. If you are looking at replacing the roof, we offer materials that prevent algae growth for 25 years, we also can have special cleaning solutions that will not harm the shingles but will remove all the algae and keep it from coming back.

Q: What kind of ventilation can I use on my roof?
We recommend using only a ridge vent. Combining different types of roof vents creates back drafts and does not allow the ridge vent to properly pull air from the soffit vent.

Q: My home was damaged by hail, what is the turn time to fix this?
If the home has suffered a hail storm, the best route would be to call us for an inspection, to see if the roof has suffered damage, and we can assist in the process of filing a claim and obtaining a settlement.

Q: I got my check from the insurance adjuster for hail damage, now what?
Give us a call, we will have someone come out and explain what the insurance company has agreed to pay and take care of any details the insurance company may need.

Q: Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?
We work with all insurance carriers to help homeowners through the confusing process's of settling claims.

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